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Something's moving...

We're back! The forum has been totally updated and is now possible to register to the website again.
A new version of ReX is under development, even if I can't give any dates at the moment.
See you soon guys! :)

Siamo tornati! Il forum è stato totalmente aggiornato ed è ora possibile registrarsi di nuovo al sito.
Una nuova versione di ReX è in cantiere, anche se non posso dare nessuna data al momento.
A presto ragazzi! :)

by LABiRi, Tuesday, 18 September 2007 22:18, Comments(9)
17 Dec 2007
It would be nice to see the update someday
30 Nov 2007
25 Sep 2007
good job Labiri!!!!!
25 Sep 2007
'tis good to know this project is still alive. keep us posted.
23 Sep 2007
e io godrei se si rifacesse qualcosa.. ho poco tempo ma 1, 2 orette al giorno le troverei, grande labbo... nn ci deluderai mai,
21 Sep 2007
By the way, i have had technical problems on the Rebirth forums. I am unable to post or create new topics. When i do select "Post a Reply" something pops up involving Your website Template. I didn't know how to contact you, LABiRi so i just mentioned this in the Comment box.
20 Sep 2007
Does this include a new server? Im still unable to log-in to my ReX accounts Online.
20 Sep 2007
20 Sep 2007
labbuccio siamo cn te..

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